Radwan Ghazi Moumneh & Eric Chenaux


[The Sentimal Moves] possesses a truly weird quality – repeated listening merely deepens the mystery as to how these sounds have been made and processed. This music has a strange presence, as though somehow hovering in mid-air, neither projected from nor centred on any physical space. Instead, it sounds like instrumental music at a remove from its actual source, like a voice on an old telephone. […] It reminds me of Coptic liturgical recordings, both in instrumental timbre and the tank reverb sound which it seems the human mouth shares with subterranean rock-hewn churches. It is slow moving, yet proceeds with an inexorable logic, as unstoppable as the wind. […] It shares with Ambient music a certain gauzy texture, imparted, one suspects, in the mixing process. There are persistent reedy keyboard tones that seem everpresent, but hard to pin down, as if the whole album had been somehow played back through a harmonium, whose frame had been acoustically activated by the recorded sound. This is marginal, or more properly liminal, music that commands attention.

– Bruce Russell, The Wire